With developing economy, professional models breeding feed manufacturing are more and more completed. To meet the demand of manufacturing, businesses also need a big amount of raw material for breeding feed that domestic enterprises can not meet.  

QCVN 01-78:2011/BNNPTNT and the control of with Department of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development the technical barriers are effective solutions for ensuring quality of raw materials of breeding feed imported to Vietnam, avoiding massive import of low quality breeding feed materials. 

To comply with the requirements of the law and to ensure quality of goods circulated in the market are responsibilities of enterprises and beyond, is to ensure that Vietnamese people are entitled to quality products, ensure food safety chain with the principle of "from farm to fork".
Livestock feed means products livestock eat or drink which are fresh, live or have gone through the processing or preservation stage, including livestock feed materials or individual feeds, complete compound feeds, concentrated feeds, supplementary feeds, feed additives, premixes, active ingredients and carriers.

Basing on demand for a source of food that ensures nutrition, food safety at the beginning of the food chain, on February 05, 2010, the government issued Decree No. 08/2010/ND-CP on management of livestock feed. Then, in 2011, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued National technical regulations QCVN 01-78:2011/BNNPTNT- Animal feeding stuffs - Criteria of safety and maximum level in animal feed stuff that defines safety criteria and allowed maximum limit for breeding feed (including feed materials and complete compound feed), that can be applied to the agencies, organizations and individuals engaged in activities related to the production, processing, importing, exporting and trading in breeding feed in Vietnam.

On June 27, 2013, Department of Livestock issued Decision No. 158/QD-CN-TĂCN about authorizing Vietnam Certification Center (QUACERT) as the organization to certify quality of imported breeding feed. After that, Decision No. 419/QD-CN-TACN dated on December 27, 2012 and Decision No. 182/QD-CN-TACN dated on January 07, 2013 to extend the authorization for QUACERT to continue inspection and assertion of quality of imported breeding feed have been published.