Trading in non-CR mark toys will be fined strictly
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In recent days, consumers talk so much about some kinds of ​​lanterns made in China containing cadmium (substances cause cancer) 123 times higher than permitted level appear in the market. Economy & Urban had an interview with Mr. Nguyen Hong Bao, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Market Management (picture) about measures to prevent dangerous toys.

Reporter: There are many different kinds of toy in the market now, so how to know which ones are the certified toys?

Mr Nguyen Hong Bao: According to regulation of Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality, all kinds of toys consumed in the market must be controlled strictly for safety in conformity with National Technical Specification for children toys safety (QCVN3). Besides, Science and Technology also specified all toys products circulating in the market must be certified, conformity publishing and affixed CR mark from 15.04.2010. Accordingly, before circulated in the market, children toy products must be tested by a variety of methods such as: physic-mechanical testing, fireproof testing, chemical testing, toxic elements, formaldehyde content, etc. The inspection of product quality is carried out by authorities including Technical Center for Standards, Metrology and Quality 1, 2 and 3, and Vietnam Certificate Center (QUACERT).

Reporter: Do these regulations cause any difficulties for Market management forces when resolving actual cases?

Mr Nguyen Hong Bao: Under the regulation, smuggled toys will be confiscated and destroyed while there hasn’t been any regulation about confiscated measures for toys without CR mark except for fining and forcing to affix CR mark before products and goods are consumed in the market. Because of this “open” regulation, it is difficult for authority to control stamping, labeling follow regulation.

Reporter: There are some smuggled Chinese toys containing cadmium that is 123 times higher than permitted level in the market, so do marketing managing forces have any measures to prevent trading in this kind of goods?

Mr Nguyen Hong Bao: To deal with this problem, marketing management forces has coordinated with planning police to open peak inspection campaign forward to smuggling objects including toys and children products.

In addition, the Department also requested the Market Management team to strengthen inspection and controlling, especially to check trafficking route and stores, timely phát hiện và xử lý of business of smuggled toys, toys affecting children's personality education and health or social safety and security; not-certified toys, toys with no CR mark stamp.  

In the near future, businessmen of toys with no CR mark will be fined VND15 million/case, all the products will be confiscated and destroyed. In case of repeated violations will be deprived business licenses.

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Le Nam - KTDT

Last updated: 01/22/2013
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