Promote standardization, metrology and quality activities in the regions
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Leaders of Ministry of Science and Technology appreciated the role of standardizations, metrology and quality activity in Science and Technology Management and socio-economic development.

In the opening ceremony of conference on standardizations, metrology and quality in provinces and cities held in Ho Chi Minh city in November 29, 2012, Mr Ngo Quy Viet – Director General of Directorate for standardizations, metrology and quality (STAMEQ) appreciated role and contribution of local departments in the recent past. Under new requirements, the director hopes units and local departments will continue to make efforts to improve the operational capacity and efficiency.  

Mr Ngô Quý Việt – Director General of STAMEQ gives speech at the workshop

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Viet Thanh stressed that Science and Technology is now in favorable condition to develop. Socio-economic development strategy has set a goal of bringing our country become a modern industrial country by 2020. To achieve this objective, science and technology play an important role. In particular, STAMEQ plays an important role in state management of science and technology, promote socio-economic development, international integration, improve productivity and competitiveness of products and goods; protect environment and ensure benefits of consumers.

According to Mr Thanh, to make the state management function in standardizations, metrology and quality better, it’s necessary to establish sub-law documents system beside three statutes covering the main activities of the branch have been issued (Law on Quality of Goods & Products, Law on Standardization and Technical Regulation, the Law on Metrology). Ministry of Science and Technology has directed STAMEQ to establish, complete or amendment and supplement this sub-law documents system.

Mr Tran Viet Thanh - Deputy Minister of Science and Technology talks with local offcers

Mr Thanh also appreciated achievements of Science & Technology Departments of provinces or cities and local departments of standardizations, metrology and quality over the past years under the leadership of Ministry of Science and Technology, such as to hold inter-branch inspections on measurement and quality of goods and products the circulated in the market, which consumers are interested in (helmets, petroleum, gas, etc.); Departments expanded metrology and quality management operation to districts; implementing quality management system TCVN ISO 9001 application for state administrative agencies in the regions.

The workshop discussed difficulties and trouble in implementing process. Leader of STAMEQ received opinions of departments, local units and will try to solve all problems that local departments face to in coming time.

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