VND300m profit for each ha of VietGAP vegetables
2ha of green vegetables of Mr Tran Van Huong in Lac Hiep village, Phu Noi commune, Duc Trong dist., Lam Dong are grown under VietGAP standard, which was certified in April, 2012. 

Mr Huong said that, average yield of VietGAP green vegetables is from 4 to 7tons/1000m2, increasing 50-70% in comparison to traditional production. Quality of vegetables is also improved, uniform rate meets exporting standards (90-95%). Meanwhile, if it is long-term production, costs will be saved significantly due to maintaining the fertility of the soil, improving the eroded and emaciated soil due to the hilly slope terrain.   

                       Mr Huong with his VietGAP vegetable garden

Especially, the production process under VietGAP standard helped his famlily increase producing capacity and create a habit of producing and processing clean agricultural products, keep environment safe and friendly to everybody in rural area. Farming system is based on control of hazards related to food safety in the entire process from land, water, fertilizer, chemicals, pest ... from production, harvesting and post-harvest handling. 

At first, 1kg of green vegetable grown follow traditional method costs 1000VND. Green vegetables grown under VietGAP standard costs 4000VND/kg. Moreover, many businessmen, enterprises, supermarkets order green vegetable of Mr Huong, so the output is sustainable. 

One step further, to facilitate in developing the brand and enhance market share not only in domestic market but also abroad, Mr Huong encouraged farmers in the region to grow vegetables under VietGAP. Mr Hương and other farmers was associated with Phong Thuy farm to export products, including vegetables and flowers to abroad markets such as Canada, Australia ... Every year, their revenue is about 480m VND/ha of vegetables and 900m VND/ha of flowers. After reducting other costs, the interest is about 300m VND/ha. 

This profit is 30%-50% higher than profit from traditional producing. With this work, every month, Mr Huong creates 30 on-site jobs with 3m VND income/person per month.  Besides, he also participates enthusiastically in social activities such as contributing money to build rural roads, demolish temporary housing and help the poor with capital, science and technology, business experiences, establish a mutual solidary relations launched by the organizations annually, deserves a typical local farmers in agriculture production under VietGAP standard. 

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